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Make smart money and generate passive income

JuicyFields is a revolutionary e-Grower platform (similar to the Crowdfunding principle). JuicyFields works with many international medical cannabis plantations and supports them in financing, scaling up and distribution. Private e-growers can benefit from the extremely high profit margins in the industry through the unique concept of Crowdgrow-ing and thus support JuicyFields in becoming a global cannabis brand.

Become part of the e-Growing platform with your (digital) plant

With as little as €50 you can start your journey to passive income by buying a cannabis plant. You can see how your cannabis plant is growing and thriving online at any time. After 118 days (3.5 months) you can sell your crop for €1.50/gram. Depending on the harvest, this can be between €68 and €82. This corresponds to a profit of between 36% and 66%!

Passives Einkommen generieren mit medizinischem Cannabis
Passives Einkommen generieren mit medizinischem Cannabis

Step 1: Purchase the plant(s)

Registration is completely free. You can then decide on the number and variety of plants. Depending on the variety of plant, you can start with as little as 50 euros.

Passives Einkommen generieren mit medizinischem Cannabis

Step 2: Online growing

In your JuicyFields account, you can use the progress indicator to monitor the current development stages of your plants in the digital greenhouse.

Passives Einkommen generieren mit medizinischem Cannabis

Step 3: Sell your harvest

After 90 days, the plant moves to your warehouse where it is dried and packed. After another 18 days, the harvest can be sold and money paid to your bank account or in cryptocurrency.

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Why JuicyFields?

High yields

Yields can range from 36% to 66%, depending on the weight of the harvested crop.

Online, simple and intuitive

Everything is done online and is completely digital, simple and without unnecessary paperwork.

Suitable for beginners

Very simple and intuitive, like a child’s game.

Legal and transparent

JuicyFields B.V, based in Amsterdam, is a company registered in the commercial register.

Low risk

The cannabis trade is not dependent on financial markets.

Fast results

Each harvest cycle takes only 118 days, or 3.5 months.

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Plant varieties

Choose the number and variety(s) of plants you would like to grow in the next cycle. You can then monitor the growth stages of your plants in the digital greenhouse while the real plants are cared for by experts at partner plantations. The size and quantity of harvests depend on the variety.

Juicy Flash

  • Growth phase: 108 days
  • Without plant renewal
  • Yield: 45-55 g
  • Preis pro Gramm: € 1,50
  • Income per harvest: 68-83 €
  • Price per plant: 50,- €

Juicy Mist

  • Number of harvests per year: 4
  • Plant renewal after 3 years
  • Yield: 150-200 g
  • Price per gram: 2,00 €
  • Income per harvest: 300-400 €
  • Price per plant: 2000,- €

Juicy Kush

  • Number of harvests per year: 3
  • Plant renewal after 4 years
  • Yield: 200-300 g
  • Price per gram: 2,50 €
  • Income per harvest: 500-750 €
  • Price per plant: 2000,- €

Juicy Haze

  • Number of harvests per year: 2
  • Plant renewal after 5 years
  • Yield: 300-400 g
  • Price per gram: 3,00 €
  • Income per harvest: 900-1200 €
  • Price per plant: 2000,- €
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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is Juicy Fields legal?2022-05-19T21:56:51+02:00

Yes, Juicy Holdings B.V, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, represents JuicyFields. It is subject to Dutch law. JuicyFields has all the necessary licenses to distribute medicinal and herbal products and all partner plantations also have the necessary cultivation licenses.

What if my plant dies?2022-05-19T21:57:55+02:00

JuicyFields covers the risk of plants by offering clones on request. If something happens to the plant, a similar plant will replace it. In short, JuicyFields will plant a few more plants each time than the total number entered from e-Growers.

How are profits taxed?2022-05-19T21:59:01+02:00

Each e-Grower is responsible for taxing his/her own earnings. Please contact your tax advisor for more information. In order to file your tax return, you will find a list of your transactions in the annual report in your JuicyFields account.

What is the maximum number of plants I can own?2022-05-19T21:59:38+02:00

You can have a maximum of 1,000 plants of each variety in your greenhouse. This means a total maximum of 4,000 plants. A maximum of 90 plants can be requested per order. However, any number of orders can be placed in one day.

How can I pay for my orders?2022-05-19T22:01:35+02:00

You can pay in the following ways:

  • by bank transfer
  • by cryptocurrency
What is the minimum age to register with JuicyFields?2022-05-19T22:08:08+02:00

The minimum age is 21 years.

How can I have my earnings paid to me?2022-05-19T22:09:07+02:00

Simply click on the earnings balance in your account and select your desired payout method. Currently, you can have your money paid out by transfer to your bank account or in cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH). The payout is secured using two-factor authentication (2FA).

Premium Support

My name is Juraj Gubi, a sports scientist by profession, a mental coach and an enthusiastic e-Grower at JuicyFields. I offer you an in-depth interview over the phone or via ZOOM, in which I will explain exactly what possibilities and opportunities you have at JuicyFields. I will answer all your questions in detail. I’ll help you open a free JuicyFields account and together, we’ll develop an action plan for your passive income. Once you sign up, we’ll stay in touch and you’ll receive updates from me and have my full support. This Premium Support is only available to people who don’t already have a JuicyFields account and want to sign up or have already signed up through the registration link on this website.

Passives Einkommen generieren mit medizinischem Cannabis


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